To Myriam Witcher

Señora Myriam Witcher,

I was totally blown away when I saw the video of you yelling your guts out, rooting for Donald Trump. I thought: “How can a Hispanic woman support a candidate who despises Latinos?”. The answer that came to my mind was plain and simple: “She wanted to be on TV and that’s why she willingly embarassed herself in front of the whole world (cause trust me, you got what you wanted, and even more! You are now viral!).

I hoped to forget about you, but then I saw the Telemundo interview where you talk about how “Mexico didn’t have to send people to the States cause Mexico is doing way much better than the U.S., even economically”. First of all, Mexico doesn’t send people to the States. The Mexicans (and many other Latinos; Colombians like you, for instance) choose to leave their country because they want to find a better place to live. I think it’s important for me to tell you that Mexico is NOT doing better than the States, specially economically! This really frightens me cause you are talking about things you don’t know and don’t understand. You’re not even Mexican for crying out loud, and you’re sending a message that is completely wrong, so if you don’t know anything about the situation, please remain silent or sit down and read a little, investigate about what is going on over here and then maybe you will be able to say a coherent sentence or two (I doubt it, though!).

After the Telemundo interview, you made me even more sick so I mocked you on my Facebook wall and wished people like you would stop embarassing Latinos. I, once again, hoped to forget all about you, but then I saw the CNN interview with Brooke Baldwin and that was the moment where I just couldn’t help myself and had to sit down and write you this letter. Hope you can understand everything, since evidently your English deja mucho que desear.

From what I saw, you can’t even understand the questions Brooke Baldwin is asking you. Also, you can’t even express yourself. I speak English and Spanish and I can kind of get your point (actually I can’t but let’s just leave it at that), but come on! How can you say “our country”? Is the U.S. your country? Were you born there? Didn’t think so. You were born in Colombia, therefore you will be Colombian-Hispanic-Latina till the day you die. Your last name doesn’t sound Colombian though, so I imagine you probably married an American guy and that is how you got your green card… But sorry, querida, your blood is Colombian. So no matter how much you think the U.S. is your country, it’s not: you are an immigrant! And those are the people Donald Trump wants to get rid of. Don’t worry though, I think you’re covered.

You said in one of the interviews that “we have to unite so we vote for the right person… I will support Donald Trump till I see him in the White House. And I love Trump”. It’s funny you show off your autographed magazine. It shows how desperate you are for attention. I hope people don’t unite and vote for a man who reminds me of Adolf Hitler (if you don’t know who he is please google him).

You can’t change who you are, Myriam. You are a Latina and you should be proud of it. Don’t fool yourself. I advise you to think twice before giving another interview. If you can’t understand the questions a news anchor is asking you, and if you can’t even speak English properly enough so that what you say can be understood, I really doubt you can understand what Donald Trump will do if he does get to the White House.

Que Dios te ilumine, mamita.
-A Mexican

P.S. Ya, en serio, ¿cuánto te pagaron?



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